Yellow Trio - yellow and orange mobile / vertical sculpture -

This set of three yellow and orange strands hangs in whatever formation you choose. Each strand hangs independently on it's own thread from a single thumbtack or your own hook allowing the sculpture to be rearranged to fit your space. This piece does particularly well in corners or stairwells. It can also be used to hint at the division of spaces.

Each strand is made up of several multicolor block prints on heavy yellow paper which have been intricately cut up using scissors and then strung on black thread.

When hung in a line, these three dangling sculptures create a chic division of space. Try using it as an airy room divider, between sitting areas, or between a dining and living room area or to partition off your bed in the bedroom. It gives the idea of divided space without taking any up.

The strands are about
47" (119cm),

32.5" (83), and

29.5" (75 cm) long each

from the top of the thread to the bottom of the sculpture.

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