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14. Policies
Topic: Managing Your Shop
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Asked at 12:21 pm on Thursday, July 19, 2012

14. Policies
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Shop Policies
View and edit your shop policies so that customers understand how you do business.
  1. About My Shop
    Welcome people to your shop and provide general information about you, your shop and your items. 
  2. Shipping Policy (required)
    Explain how and when you ship items domestically and internationally. Let customers know when they will receive items, how you handle customs, if you insure and track shipments, etc. 
  3. Refund Policy (required)
    Tell customers if you accept returns (include instructions for returning items), make exchanges or issue refunds for items lost or damaged during shipping. 
  4. Payment Policy
    Explain your order cancellation policy, applicable taxes, etc. Right now, you can accept payment on Delighted through PayPal only. You might want to include these two helpful links for first-time buyers, so that they understand how to purchase through the site.
    How to create a user account:
    How to use PayPal without a PayPal account: 
  5. Additional Information
    Define additional policies. Let customers know if you accept custom orders, provide guarantees, etc. 
  6. Seller Information
    If your country requires you to provide specific details about your business (name, address, etc.), provide it here. See this document for more information. 


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